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Deore XT has established a tradition as the recognized standard in high-performance mountain bike components. Rugged and dependable, Deore XT stands up to the punishment of mounatin biking while delivering leading edge control functions. Multi-function Dual Control Levers, wide-ratio Mega-9 drive train, super-stiff Hollowtech II crankset and high-performance Disc and V-Brake systems combine to make Deore XT a tough one to beat.

FC-M760 Hollowtech II Crankset
• Hollowtech II technology integrates the bottom bracket and crankset into a single unit, reducing the number of parts, significantly cutting weight, and increasing rigidity
• Wider bearing placement improves efficiency
• Fewer parts and simplified installation
• FC-M760: 44-32-22 Chainrings
860g including BB
• FC-M761: 48-36-26 Chainrings

ST-M765 Dual Control Shifters
• Allows lever operation from multiple hand positions
• Optical Gear Display allows instant gear recognition
• Removable secondary release lever provides an easy transition to Dual Control shfting
• Multi-directional pivoting brake/shift lever is much less susceptible to crash damage than traditional brake levers
• Shimano hydraulic disc brake compatible
• 480g
ST-M760 Dual Control Shifters
• Same Dual Control features as ST-M765 in a V-Brake & mechanical disc brake compatible version
• 440g

SL-M751 RapidFire Shifters
• A design classic!
• Precision indexing unit provides effortless and responsive short stroke action
• Compatibility with both Low Normal and conventional derailleurs
• Optical Gear Display allows instant gear recognition
• Silver or black color options
• 248g

BR-M765 Hydraulic Cailper
SM-RT77 Disc Brake Rotor

• The benefits of disc brakes without the weight penalty
• "Mono-body" single forged cailper for high rigidity (power) and super light weight
• Center Lock rotor mounting system allows easier installation and lighter weight hubs
• Non-corrosive biodegradable mineral oil
• 160 and 203mm rotors available
• BR-M765 - 170g
• SM-RT77 - 149g (160mm)

RD-M760 Rear Derailleur
• "Wide-Link" design increases derailleur rigidty and service life
• Low-Normal (Rapid-Rise) return spring for intuitive shifting action, enhanced inward shifting and drive-train longevity
• Detachable Rubber Bumper - helps prevent damage and noise from chainstay contact
• Medium cage (GS) 232g
• Long cage (SGS) 262g

FD-M760/M761 Front Derailleur
• "Wide-Link" design increases derailleur rigidty for crisp, clean shifting plus longer service life
• Dual Pull design works with both bottom and top route cabling
• Multi-Clamp design is compatible with all frame sizes (34.9/31.8/28.6)
• FD-M760 (Low-clamp) 166g
• FD-M761 (High-clamp) 181g
• FD-M760-E (BB-mount) 172g

CS-M760 Mega-9 Cassette
• Close-ratio gearing in a wide-range cassette
• 5-arm alloy sprocket carrier prevents deflection, resulting in superb shifting performance and light weight
• Options: 11-32, 11-34
• 264g (11-32)

HB-M760 Front Hub
FH-M760 Rear Freehub

• V-Brake specific hub set
• Double Contact Sealing shuts out water, mud and dirt to maintin smooth operation in all environments
• Cup & Cone Bearing system provides super smooth rotation and easy serviceability
• HB-M760 Front Hub 150g
• FH-M760 Rear Freehub 370g

HB-M765 Front Hub
FH-M765 Rear Freehub

• Center Lock disc brake rotor compatible for simple installation and light weight
• Double Contact Sealing shuts out water, mud and dirt to maintin smooth operation in all environments
• Cup & Cone Bearing system provides super smooth rotation and easy serviceability
• HB-M765 Front Hub 180g
• FH-M765 Rear Freehub 369g

BR-M760 V-Brake
• Parallel-Push Linkage keeps brake shoe parallel to braking surface to improve braking response and maintian uniform pad wear
• Designed to offer maximum rigidity at minimum weight
• Cartridge brake shoes for quick and easy pad replacement
• 228g each

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