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Every Saint component was designed to perform under the worst conditions, not just survive it. Prototypes engineered for rugged dependability were deployed in the field, a world where cased landings are an everyday thing; where cranks, derailleurs and chainrings take rock strikes like jackhammer blows. Then the designs were refined, and sent out again. And again. Until they emerged, shaped by the environment itself to provide durability where nothing else can.

FC-M800 Triple
Hollowtech II Crankset

• Integrated bottom bracket and crank set yields a massive increase in rigidity
• Reinforced pedal/crank arm interface
• Fewer parts and simplified installation
• FC-M800-3:
Triple 44-32-22
1114g (175mm)


FC-M800 Double
Hollowtech II Crankset

• FC-M800-2:
Double 32-22
w/ Bash Guard
1124g (175mm

FC-M800 Single
Hollowtech II Crankset

• FC-M800-1:
Single 34 / 38 / 42 / 46
1027g (175mm)

BL-M800 Brake Lever
• New matching brake lever for the Saint group
• Shimano hydraulic disc brake compatible
• Rapid-Fire shifter compatible
• Kit includes SM-BH63 hoses mineral oil
• 248g

ST-M800 Dual Control Lever
• Revolutionary design allows lever operation from multiple hand positions
• Precision indexing unit provides effortless and responsive short stroke shifting action
• Removable secondary release lever provides an easy transition to Dual Control shfting
• Multi-directional pivoting brake/shift lever is much less susceptible to crash damage than traditional brake levers
• Shimano hydraulic disc brake compatible
• 495g

BR-M800 Hydrualic Caliper
SM-RT80 Disc Brake Rotor

• Mono-body forged caliper design with opposed 2-piston for maximum power and exceptional control
• Over-sized Center Lock Rotor designed for 20mm thru axle hubs
• Rotors: 160mm (146g),
203mm (211g)
• Calipers: Front 183g,
Rear 191g

HB-M800 Front Hub
• Designed for 20mm thru axle forks
• Over-sized Center Lock System
• 32H / 36H 275g

FH-M800 Rear Freehub
• Compatible with RD-M800
• 135mm O.L.D. thru axle design - accomodates most current MTB frame designs with standard dropouts
• Over-sized Center Lock System
• 32H / 36H 600g

RD-M800 Rear Derailleur
• Revolutionary mounting system fixes the derailleur directly to the hub axle
• Adjustable Bump Stop reduces noise and damage to the frame and derailleur
• Integrated Skid Plate
• Low Normal Return Spring
• SS 362g
(short cage for single)
• GS 373g
(medium cage for double)
• SGS 399g
(long cage for triple)

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