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Hone is our new enduro/all-mountain group intended to "sharpen, improve and develop" riding skills. Hone combines the durable and dependable rear derailleur design of the Saint group with the more weight-friendly and wallet-friendly features of Deore LX. The group features Dual Control levers, Hollowtech II drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes with Center Lock rotors.

RD-M600 Rear Derailleur
• The heart of the new Hone group is the revolutionary mounting system that fixes the rear derailleur directly to the hub axle.
• Bent derailleur hangers are a thing of the past!
• Adjustable Bump Stop reduces noise and damage to the frame and derailleur
• Low Normal Return Spring
• RD-M600 428g

FH-M600 Rear Freehub
• Super durable solid axle
• Center Lock disc brake rotor mounting for quick and easy installation
• FH-M600 442g

FC-M600 Crankset
• Hollowtech II technology integrates the crank and bottom bracket to provide the optimal balance of light weight and rigidity.
• Wider bearing placement improves efficiency.
• Fewer parts and simplified installation
• 44-32-22 Chainrings
• 928g including BB
ST-M600 Dual Control Levers
• Revolutionary design allows lever operation from multiple hand positions
• Removable secondary release lever provides an easy transition to Dual Control shfting
• Multi-directional pivoting brake & shift lever design has proven to be much less susceptible to crash damage than traditional brake levers
• Shimano hydraulic disc brake compatible
• 504g

BR-M601 Hydraulic Disc Brake
• Minimalist opposed 2-piston design for exceptional power and control
• Shim-less caliper adjustment with both A-type and Post mount compatibility
• Calipers: Front 198g,
Rear 207g

SM-RT62-L Disc Brake Rotor

• Center Lock design for quick and easy installation, reduced hub weight, and increased rigidity
• SM-RT62-L (203mm) 208g

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